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Reach out to us with any questions or comments.  For sponsorship, partnership, and booking details please send additional details or documents to

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  • What are the mission and goals of The Dunk Collective?
    MISSION The Dunk Collective provides a competitive, unified, and organized space for the world’s elite professional dunkers to serve as stakeholders in the growth of the sport of basketball. GOALS To create a membership/affiliation-based community, that athletes of all ages can call home. To create an elite corps of competitive, professional athletes that participate in league-based competition. To create interaction amongst multiple professional leagues that serve to benefit the broader basketball community. To create regional and local representation for global communities to enhance grassroots, community-based, and recruiting efforts for The Dunk Collective. To create seasonal international broadcast opportunities for competitions and insight into the daily life of our athletes.
  • What is the best way to support The Dunk Collective?
    To support The Dunk Collective: 1. Subscribe to our mailing list. 2. Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok 3. Rep The Dunk Collective by purchasing our merchandise at BlueChip 😎
  • How do I become a Dunk Collective athlete?
    We are always looking to find the world greatest female and male athletes 1. Drop us an email at 2. Meet us at an event. 3. Get our attention on social. ✅
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